Visit New Ross

Visit New Ross, County Wexford

New Ross is situated in the beautiful, pastoral landscape of the Barrow River Valley.
Here, thousands of years of human habitation have produced the most gentle and welcoming landscape to be found in Ireland.

Since its founding by the Normans, in the year 1207, the town of New Ross has played a key role in the history of Ireland. From the Norman Conquest to the Cromwellian Invasion, from the 1798 Rebellion to the Great Famine of the 1840’s, the town has been central to many of the most dramatic periods of Irish History.

The Town has even helped to shape American political history as the ancestral home of the Kennedy Dynasty.

Things to see and do in New Ross

New Ross and the surrounding area are rich in natural beauty and cultural significance.
Attractions in the area include:

The Ros Tapestry

The Ros Tapestry is a unique project ongoing in the South East since 1998, involving over 150 stitchers working on 15 giant tapestries panels It is an excellent example of creativity and community spirit on a grand scale and depicts Norman History linking all the sites in Ireland’s Ancient East. Ros Tapestry is one of the largest series of embroidered tapestries in Europe. Each tapestry depicts a different significant event in history. A tale told in thread. The first tapestry was completed in 2002 and to date 14 of the 15 tapestries are complete Our project is a unique and exquisite work of art and deserves to get huge exposure, and be available for everyone to enjoy. Open 6 days 10a.m. -5p.m. Sunday 11a.m. – 3 p.m.


New Ross Street Focus

The aim of New Ross Street Focus is to promote the history and heritage hidden in plain sight on the streets of New Ross. We have installed 18 plaques with historical facts on significant buildings and produced a free booklet/map for self guided walking tours.

We originated as a collaborative effort between New Ross Historical Society,New Ross Lions Club, Experience New Ross and New Ross & District Chamber spearheaded by Pete Caulfield. Our Facebook page and Twitter accounts contain daily posts of titbits of history relating to New Ross. PERSONALISED GUIDED TOURS ALSO AVAILABLE Please contact us by private message or email if you would like a Guided Tour of New Ross for visiting friends, family etc..

Niche interests catered for in one hour walks on the Medieval Route Tour, The ‘98 Rebellion Route or In The Kennedy Footsteps Tour.

The Kennedy Homestead

The Kennedy Homestead, a unique cultural museum is dedicated to “the Kennedys who went away and the Kennedys who stayed behind” and plays a vital part in the continued preservation of the Kennedy legacy in Ireland.

The curators of the Kennedy Homestead Visitor Centre, using the Kennedy Library archival collection in Boston, have created a state of the art interpretative exhibit which explores the circumstances of Patrick Kennedy’s departure from Ireland in1848 and pieces together the story of the most famous Irish–American family through the 20th century to the present day.

The Kennedy family legacy is an integral part of daily life in Co. Wexford. Facilities at the Homestead include a unique collection of Kennedy memorabilia, audio-visual display, souvenir shop, picnic area, wheelchair access and extensive car and coach parking facilities.

Please also see our Things to do in the area page for more wonderful activities in the New Ross area.







Dunbrody Famine Ship Experience Overview

The Dunbrody Famine Ship is one of the premier tourist attractions in the South East of Ireland. Centred on an authentic reproduction of an 1840’s emigrant vessel, it provides a world-class interpretation of the famine emigrant experience.